Ebony's life

Ebony’s Life is shrouded in mystery,
Intertwined like the branches of ancient trees,
As she ventures deep into the unknown,
She uncovers secrets, and keeps her own,
Ebony’s life is like a dark maze,
Full of winding passages, covered in haze,
She alone is lost, trying to get out,
While unveiling the life she knows little about
Ebony’s life is more than exciting,
It can be upsetting, infuriating and frightening,
As shadows of relatives haunt her dreams,
While she’s awake, nothing is quite as it seems,
Ebony’s life is all of the following;
Like a river, rushing, crashing flowing;
Like a mountain, secretive, misty, strong;
Like hope, always changing, and that matters above all,
Ebony’s life is driven by these;
Her spirit, urging her forward, heeding her pleas;
Her instincts, telling her it’ll be alright in a while;
Her grandpa, his laugh, his smile,
Though Ebony’s life may be shrouded in mystery,
Or intertwined like the branches of ancient trees,
Inside this maze are secrets to be found,
So Ebony stops in wonder and looks around.