Ironable beads.

You will need:

How it works:

    Here's a tutorial!
  1. First, place the beads onto the pegboard in a pattern you desire. Note: this can take a few attempts as the beads may slide off the pegboard. Also, any isolated beads will not be attached to the finished result.
  2. Next, place baking paper overthe image and gently iron over the paper. This melts the beads and they merge to make the complete image.
  3. Finally, peel the baking paper off your image and slowly remove it from the board. Done!
  4. If the image is not completely connected to all the surrounding beads, place more baking paper over it and iron some more.

CAT's cradle

You will need:

Here's another tutorial!

Here are some more videos for other string tricks:

Play cat's cradle SOLO! Make a moving gate. Make a Hammock/Fishnet. Another stylish Hammock. And last but definately not least... Jacob's ladder!

Make salt crystals.

I did this in 4th class, and was then surprised to see it in my all time favourite magazine: Kazoo Magazine here's what you'll need:

How it works.
  1. First, fill the glass with hot water and slowly dissolve the salt into it.
  2. Next, add your food colouring. Then, tie the string onto the pencil.
  3. Place the string/pencil contraption onto the glass so that the pencil sits on the glass and the string dangles into the salty water.
  4. Place the end result on a sunny windowsill so that after time, the salt water evaporates but the salt is too heavy and stays attached to the string. The more sun reaches it, the quicker it evaporates.
  5. This tutorial might be slightly different than what I have taught you, but, it shouldbe fine!

DIY a disco ball!

OMG! My party is the day after tomorrow! I don't have time to get that awesome disco ball! NEVER FEAR! sCATch is here!

You'll need: