On the 25/07/15, I went to the Dublin makers festival.

We arrived at trinity collage(Where the book of kells is kept)and immeadiately got pretty lost. When we finnaly found the white makers tents we got to make a flashing badge(electronic)with a really nice lady. Then we went to a coffee shop and I had a babychino (Yummy) and really enjoyed it. Next we ran into the INTEL projects tents (an electronic company) and promised to stop by later.

Then we made another (Really another)badge.A blinky chiken and bee using a battery,a magnet,some tape and an LED. (That last sentance kind of ryhmed!) Then we stopped by the INTEL tent,played hook a duck and got to play other stuff. Then I helped to make waves with beads,sticks,tape and elastic.It was super cool!! I then watched how to make a drawing robot.Then we went out for dinner.

THE END!!!!!