I made a "ZITA THE SPACEGIRL" costume for a comic-con in Dublin.This costume was quick and easy (if you used teamwork) Here's how you make it!!

So lets get started!


1. You will need :A Plate,A Pen/Pencil,A white Bed cloth,A needle and white string,A safety-pin,Elastic,Scissors.

2. Use the plate and pen to draw a circle on the bed cloth.

3. Cut out the circle to make it hollow.

4. It now looks like a wierd skirt.

5. Sew the outside of the circle in to make a tube. (This may take a while)

6. Attach the safety pin to the elastic.

7. Pull the elastic through the tube in the bed cloth.

8. Tie the ends of the elastic together. (Dont forget to remove the safety pin)

9. Shape the bottom of the bed cloth into a jagged line.(Using scissors)

10. Youve made a skirt!!


1. You will need :Scissors,Black/Dark-blue T-shirt,A white shirt. (Long sleeved).

2. Use the scissors to cut a Z shape into the black T-shirt.Remember to make it so you can wear it.(Leave the back to look like an = sign).

3. Put on the white shirt,pull over the black shirt(Z).

4. Youve made the top!!


1. You will need :A green blanket,A needle and green thread,Elastic,A safety-pin.

2. Reapeat step 5,6 and 7 of the skirt on the longest side of the blanket.(Remove safety pin too).

3. Youve made the cape!!


1. You will need :The skirt,The top,Z and The cape.(Needing a pair of white tights wasent mentioned but it looks good).

2. Put on the tights,then the skirt,then the top,then the Z,Then the cape(Put it on your back then remove the safety pin and tie the ends of the elastic together),Now get black boots and gloves and wear them.

3. Look awesome and be happy!!

4. Finished

(img src:ben hatke)