Novel 1, pages 217,218
“Jadde, Kayllaa, Rosse... hmmm, whhoss thiss?”

Mia felt Faith’s hand stretch out and was suddenyl halted, as Rose continued walking.

“Iff iit issn’tt mmy Miia”

Mia swallowed hard and with an almightly inner push, looked up at Faith. Mousy brown, straggly hair sat on top of a head of taut, pale skin. Her lips were white, her pastel green eyes seemed to be glazed over. She wore a black dress with a tattered white blouse underneath it. An empty glass bottle was clutched in her hand.

“Helloo, Miiaa deearr”

Mia stiffened even further, but continued to stare into Faith’s eyes, unblinking. Faith didn’t seem to be seeing her properly, her eyes looked unfocused and she swayed slightly.

“Wwell thenn ddear, inn youu coomee”

Mia stepped over the threshold.

It was an unusual sight. Most likely once a beautiful house, the dark wooden floorboards were smeared with dust, the white painted walls were a sight of peeling wallpaper. Mahogany furniture had been gathering dust for what seemed like ages. Mia inhaled dust. She doubled over, wheezing and choking.

“Come on Mia, you’ll be alright”

Shaking slightly, Mia let herself be pulled away by the hand. Jade and Kayla were standing awkwardly in a cramped kitchen.

“Allrigght, deearss. Hhavee a seatt annd wwe caan mmakee arranngements”